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Misfit Film School

The Screenwriting Course: 5-weeks of empowerment for you and your writing process


*Update: I am now teaching this class every other month. Reach out to me if you’d like to pursue enrollment. You can email me at

Misfit Film School (formerly known as Misfit Film Academy) is an online film school that offers a 5-week intensive screenwriting class over Zoom. This class is meant to provide “bite-sized grad school” in screenwriting to anyone who wants to learn. Students are a part of a vibrant online community of wholehearted screenwriters and filmmakers via our Discord group. This course provides empowering and craft-focused tools for each writer, mentorship, as well as instruction on how to build a sustainable writing process.

I love teaching this 5-week Intensive Screenwriting Workshop. I especially love the kind of vibrant creative souls this class attracts. Empowering writers who are eager to experience what it feels like to be seen and write as their authentic selves is what I love to do.

This class is my masterclass. It’s a collection of all the most valuable lessons and epiphanies I accrued while getting my MFA in Screenwriting at USC and while working as a writer for years before and after. But this class is also different from other screenwriting classes in that it’s designed for “misfits” and has a special focus on how to build a sustainable writing process (which is another way of saying a joy-centric writing process). Basically, if you’re concerned other learning institutions or expensive film school programs wouldn’t be a good fit for you, Misfit Film might be an awesome place for you to bring your passion, creativity, and vulnerability.

I offer this 5-week class every other month so reach out as soon as you like to see about availability for the next session. You’re also welcome to read about my teaching style and philosophy here.

If you’re interested in this class and would like to learn more, shoot me an email at and I’d be happy to send you the syllabus and class agreement and/or answer any questions. It might take me about a week to respond, but I’ll make sure to get back to you.

And check out the FREE 2-hr “Writing with Authenticity” workshops I do from time to time. You can sign up for them here, on Eventbrite:

My Eventbrite page: For free writing workshops (offered in between my 5-week class sessions)

And here are the registration documents for my June/July session. The workshop group times are still to be decided, but if you have a preference for what time the workshop groups are offered during the week, feel free to let me know!

Feel free to email me and reach out with any questions about the class and signing up: