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What I Can Offer As Your Writing Coach

What I Can Offer As Your Writing Coach

Hello fellow writers and creatives!

I have an exciting announcement: Not only did I recently produce a human and keep him alive and strong (so that he very much enjoys pulling hair at seven-months old) I am now also teaching and coaching writing full-time.

For a little backstory on how this came about, here’s a fun summary:

So, like many people over the last several months, I’ve had to reassess things due to changes from the pandemic. When my job dissolved back in May, I thought it was a good time to seriously pursue copywriting. Freelancing went pretty well, and then I got to the final round for a full-time Copywriting position at a company I really, really wanted to work for only to find out two days after the final interview that I didn’t get it. I felt devastated… but also, deep down, I felt a tiny bit relieved. A full-time job at this company would have meant a great salary, stability, fun coworkers, a progressive place to work, plus the feeling of legitimacy, but, at the end of the day, I would have been working someone else’s dream job. Not mine. 

In the weeks following, I kept freelancing and reluctantly started soul-searching. I began to take more notice of Instagram messages and emails I got from writers—ones who found my YouTube channel. They asked for advice, tips about MFA programs, feedback on scripts, and then one young woman wrote to me and very politely asked if there was any way she could hire me to be her writing coach.

This resonated with me.

I have always wanted to teach and for years felt I would teach at some point. I just didn’t know when. Once I got this idea of starting to teach now, right here, from my home, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I saw myself preparing lectures for large online Zoom classes at my desk and truly enjoying my work. I saw myself reading scripts and preparing structure lectures for smaller 7-person screenwriting workshops. And I saw myself being able to do what I love–encourage and support writers with sound, life-affirming writing advice–as my actual job. I quickly realized, with a bit of horror, that this was my dream job. (Haha… Life is funny like that.)

So, long story short, after much journaling, a couple bouts of “but I’m scared!!” crying, and a few weeks of feverish curriculum planning, researching, and business planning, it’s happening. I’m starting my own writing teaching business and have two courses already in the works.

If you’re interested in taking one of my classes or hiring me as a writing coach, click around my site and check out this page and this page.

If you do that and decide you would like to take one of my classes, workshops, or inquire about one-on-one coaching, I would love to hear from you and support you in your writing. Just send me an email at


Linda Barsi

(Your writing ally)