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For simplicity’s sake of what I can offer as a writing coach and teacher, here’s an overview of all the services I provide:


These classes are a great way to get a lot from a little investment. Prices for these classes are affordable and meant for large groups. Feel free to invite your friends, take the class together, and then use what you learn to help shape and launch your own writers’ group. Writing can be lonely, so I encourage finding and embracing community whenever you can. Read more about my teaching style here.

Class Rates:


  • Next Level NaNo | Single-Session Class Pass | FREE ($30)
  • Next Level NaNo | October Class Pass (2 classes) | FREE ($55)
  • Next Level NaNo | November Class Pass (4 classes) | Venmo ($100)

I’m currently offering a novel-writing course called “Next Level Nano” which starts mid-October. It will be open to anyone who wants to take part. Currently, there are 100 spots available for each class (but if all of those spots fill, I’ll up my Zoom maximum to 500 students). Read more about my available writing courses here.


This style of learning gives you 100% of my attention, instruction, and feedback for a dedicated amount of time. If you have a unique project you’d like to start–like a non-fiction book, a YouTube channel, or revision help on a novel you’ve been writing for two years–this could be a great coaching arrangement for you.

Session Rates:


  • 60-minute session | $250 ($275)
  • Two 60-minute sessions | $475 ($550)
  • Four 60-minute sessions | $950 ($1100)

With one-on-one sessions, I can create a customized class for you as well as give you the support needed to bring your passion project to life (whether it’s a book, script, video series, or something else). One-on-one sessions are also great if you’re looking for writing assistance on your schedule or if you’d like to meet just the one time to get set off in the right direction.

If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching, send me an email at and tell me a bit about yourself and your goals. Then let’s hop on a call for a complimentary twenty-minute consultation. And if you get what you need to keep progressing as a writer during this one call (maybe you just need a specific assignment and some encouragement), that’s wonderful! There is no pressure to book a one-on-one afterward.

Read more about my philosophy and teaching style here.

(3) Application Coaching (Essays & Writing Samples)

Applying to grad programs, MFA programs, and undergraduate programs can be daunting and stressful. For this reason, I made a 4-part video series about all my thoughts and advice for applying to USC’s Screenwriting MFA program. You can watch those videos and be encouraged through the process here.

NOTE: USC Screenwriting MFA Application: DUE November 15th (There’s still time to write samples and apply if you’re interested!)

If you’re looking for more personalized attention and would like to hire me as your mentor and coach through this process to give you valuable feedback on your writing samples and personal essays and to advise you through this process, reach out to me at and tell me (1) a little bit about yourself if you want, (2) your big-picture goals, (3) the programs you’re interested in getting into, and (4) how soon you would like this application feedback to meet any deadlines.


Each writer receiving application coaching will get:

  • 5 different coaching packages to choose from
  • Written feedback within 72 hours
  • Detailed hand-written page notes on your essay or script
  • 2-3 pages typed summary of feedback, writing exercises, and advice specifically for you

Right now, Application Coaching packages can be customized to fit your budget. For example, if you need to invest more conservatively in this kind of guidance, you could request feedback on just (1) one personal statement essay, and (2) one four-page script scene. Then, I’ll do everything in my power to ensure you get the most out of that concentrated amount of feedback by explaining all the concepts behind my script and essay notes. You can then take what you’ve learned from my feedback and apply it to your other writing samples with new confidence. Email me at and ask for Application Coaching package specifics to learn more.

Read more about my philosophy and teaching style here.


I’m currently taking enrollment for a 7-person Intensive Screenwriting Workshop. It’s a collection of all the most valuable lessons and epiphanies I accrued while getting my MFA in Screenwriting at USC and while working as a writer for years. The projected start dates for this class are the first week of November, December, and January 2021. Read about my teaching style and philosophy here.

If you’re interested in this class, and would like to be notified when enrollment starts, email me at and we can jump on a call and discuss your writing goals and how the class could help you accomplish them.

If none of these options tickle your fancy, check back for more courses and coaching packages as I launch them. Additionally, feel free to email me and tell me about the type of class you’re looking for. I always love to get this kind of feedback.