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BREAKING UP WITH JESUS (hour-long) Riley is a good Christian girl at a liberal Ivy League school, but she’s having a crisis of faith. She’s just moved into a Christian house when it becomes all too clear that her crippling doubts could tear her safe Christian world apart. She and her Jesus-loving, in-the-closet best friend know how to start a relationship with Jesus, but do they know how to end one? 



BAKED ALASKA (half-hour) Daniel Charlemagne is tan, fit, and screwed after a young woman overdoses in his Florida tanning salon and blames him for driving her to it. He flees to Alaska to start over by opening a therapeutic tanning salon to help depressed people become less pale (light therapy, you know?). Unfortunately for him, a therapist in town named Kelsey doesn’t appreciate the competition and is determined to get him gone.



SMUT (coming-of-age, dramedy) Lisa is hired to turn her erotic fiction blog into a teen romance novel for three million dollars. But her relationship with her sexy, British boyfriend who inspires her writing is less than stable. As pressure mounts with deadlines, hate-mail from feminists and Christian mommy bloggers, and the need to find enough hookups to fuel her passionate prose, Lisa compromises to the point of hating the thing she once loved.


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