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SMUT (coming-of-age, dramedy) Lisa is hired to turn her erotic fiction blog into a teen romance novel for three million dollars. But her relationship with her sexy, British boyfriend who inspires her writing is less than stable. As pressure mounts with deadlines, hate-mail from feminists, and the need to find enough hookups to fuel her passionate prose, Lisa compromises to the point of losing herself.



BREAKING UP WITH JESUS (hour-long) Riley, a student at Cornell, is having a crisis of faith. She’s just moved into a Christian house but her own secrets plus those she learns others are keeping threaten to tear apart Riley’s fellowship and her world. Riley and her friends know how to start a relationship with Jesus, but do they know how to end one?



BAKED ALASKA (half-hour) Daniel Charlemagne is tan, fit, and screwed after a young woman commits suicide in his Florida tanning salon. He flees to Alaska to start over by opening a therapeutic tanning salon to help depressed people become less pale. Unfortunately for him, a therapist in town named Kelsey is determined to make him talk.