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About Linda


Linda Barsi is a screenwriter, novelist, YouTuber, teacher, and the founder of Misfit Film School–an online place to take classes and learn the craft of screenwriting and pursuing filmmaking from anywhere. She has years of experience creating content and working as a professional writer in Los Angeles where she lived for ten years. In 2017, she got her MFA in Writing for Screen and Television from the University of Southern California and for over a decade now she has been a passionate mental health advocate.

When Linda is not writing or teaching, she loves to join her husband in doting on their babies—a tiny human named Vinny and their furbabies (below you can see their cross-eyed pitbull named Sally Field).

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Read about Linda’s teaching philosophy here and read about the details of her 5-week intensive screenwriting course here.

Not ready to take a class, but want to start learning about screenwriting? Get some of Linda’s free screenwriting advice and tips here which is where you can also read the writing samples that got her into USC’s MFA Screenwriting program.


Linda has been vlogging since 2013 when she published her first video: “How I Stopped Dating and Started Writing.”

For Linda, YouTube has been an incredible place to connect with other creatives. She loves how it welcomes authenticity and vulnerable discussions about the writing process, mental health topics, and just this thing called life.

From 2013 to 2014, Linda vlogged through her experience of giving up dating for a year while she focused on writing and improving her overall happiness.

Her favorite vlogs have been about destigmatizing depression, finding the right therapist, going on antidepressants, and other mental health topics that, once she tackled in her own life, allowed her to live a much happier life (both as a writer and just a regular person).

Check out her channel and past videos here: