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About Linda

Linda Barsi is a novelist, screenwriter, video blogger and writing teacher on YouTube. She is also a social media strategist, a mental health advocate, and is extremely passionate about racial and gender equality, diversity in media, and LGBTQIA rights. Linda writes about characters stuck between two lives: an outwardly happy one and an inwardly miserable one.

Raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, Linda migrated to upstate New York for warmer weather to attend Cornell University. Upon graduation, she moved to LA because wind-chill is too real. Linda’s been a Video Producer at BuzzFeed and is a regular guest speaker at VidCon — the world’s largest conference for online video. In May 2017, Linda graduated from the University of Southern California with an MFA in Writing for Screen and Television. Her proudest accomplishment is her YouTube channel where she gives 17,000+ subscribers fun life advice, including how to find a good therapist (www.youtube.com/openellbey). 

Linda also writes lists of potential names for the large and small dogs she’s going to adopt.

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