Linda Barsi is a writer of feature scripts, TV pilots, and YA novels.
She is a video blogger, social media strategist, mental health advocate,
and extremely passionate about racial and gender equality, diversity in media,
and LGBTQ rights.

Linda’s social media links:

YouTube (17k) / Instagram (15k) / Twitter (3k) / Facebook (1k)

Screenwriter portrait

A short bio: Raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, Linda migrated to upstate New York for warmer weather. At Cornell, Linda underwent the process of “de-Christianing,” which inspired her to move to LA upon graduation to become a happy heathen. Linda’s been a Video Producer at BuzzFeed and is a regular guest speaker at VidCon — the world’s largest conference for online video. Her proudest accomplishment is her YouTube channel where she gives 17,000+ subscribers fun life advice, including how to find a good therapist ( Linda writes characters stuck between two lives: an outwardly happy one and an inwardly miserable one.

Linda also writes: pros and cons lists to getting a large dog and texts on Jessica’s phone explaining to Rick why ghosting is shitty.

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